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I love you’re food

Kerry, 23 Feb 2019

Always lovely food

Michelle, 14 Feb 2019

Always fresh,warm and quick delivery




Decent food at a Decent price


How can u serve a cold donner and cold chicken meat kebab on a collection order cold not even warm in center of chicken so when it was cooked i dont know defiantly before my order was placed shocking how can a donner kebab be served cold?


  Reply : on collection orders food is prepared as soon as order is placed, ad it is assumed customer is on his way. if you arrive late then food will go cold. It is best, for collection, that you order at the takeaway

Love Abduls. Excellent food and great service. Cheers !


You forgot the popadoms


Best place in m14 for a kebab


I asked for lots of pickled red cabbage - there was none nothing nada - and the website doesn’t let you choose the option


Brilliant bastards


Always excellent


Good online


Not bad


Delivered on time but pizza was burnt on the bottom and salad was minimal. Mainly cabbage.


food was shocking tonight....have you got new staff?? chicken tikka was over cooked & dry...lamb donner was undercooked!! always have great food from you, but NOT tonight....will not be ordering again .


Always good food.


The ice cream was still ice cold and the pizza was still really hot and delicious 10/10 I go to this place everyday love it


Food took over 2 hours to Arrive , when it did I had no salad & sauces as you can imagine meant my meal was dry so rang you back and you told me driver must have in his car and would return with it after waiting another hour no driver came I went to bed and food is still uneaten in kitchen side very disappointing


  Reply : we're very sorry that the driver forgot to give you the salad and sauces for your food. As compensation, on your next order we will give you 20% discount. When ordering please mention your name and address.

I’m not sure why you have a clock that counts down as it’s not real time. I’ve never had my order in the 45 minute window. This is just frustrating if it’s going to take longer i’d rather know before I order.


Food arrived late.. cold.. refused to take it and got hassle off the driver trying to make us take it Will not be going back


  Reply : we apologise for the late delivery but we were busier than a normal Monday due to it being Bonfire night which also ment the roads were also busier and thus it took the drivers longer to deliver. Also, coincidentally, your delivery driver was new and was unfamiliar with the area. We again apologise for the late delivery and hope you give us another try.



Lukewarm pizza Took longer than said on website.



Krystal Shortt,



Food was amazing. Took longer than said to deliver and then we were made to come out onto the street to get our order because the driver couldn't bring it all to us. Which I've never had to do before and I was in my pyjamas with no shoes on, but he was able to come to the door to collect the money. Customer service wasn't good.