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Jay, 02 May 2021

This Delivery driver in a red/maroon car always calls me to say he is outside but he is never there. Yesterday I waited with my door open for 5min letting all the cold in wen I had the central heating on for the kids. Guy pulls up and then opened his back door and took 3 or 4 mins to get food bags. Think he took my drink out cos I spent £20 and there was no big drinks bottle. Let him come next time yeh.

Shahid, 12 Apr 2021


Alex, 07 Apr 2021


Alex, 07 Apr 2021


Daz, 22 Mar 2021

Very disappointed in the order it came late and cold naan was hard the portions were small and the meat tasted old and there was a mix up with the online order and didn’t even get so much as a free drink for spending £20 on 3 kebabs never ordering from here again

Lianne, 18 Mar 2021

  Reply : When you telephoned, your complaint was that the curry sauce was different to usual. We explained that your order was made by a different chef, hence the slight difference in taste. The 2nd chef had arrived by this time and we agreed to re-send the curry sauce made by your regular chef. Obviously one chef cannot work 16 hours, 7 days a week.

Waited for order - but all good

Steve, 12 Mar 2021

We have been going to Abduls in Fallowfield for over 20 years but there is one member of staff there who is quite rude and shouldn’t work with the public . We go every Friday evening and get 3 mixed kebabs but my son doesn’t have salad but likes sauces on , my husband and I like salad on but prefer to have the sauces separate as by the time we get home 15 mins drive away the Nan has gone very soggy and not very nice for us , When I asked last week for sauces separate the not so nice staff member I think he is the boss, he takes the order and the money and wears a baseball hat charged me 20p for each sauce +onions £1.40 When I asked why he said not very nicely if we put sauce on it’s free on take out we charge I did say we haven’t got your salad on one so you have saved on that , he just ignored me , he is just so rude and I have spoken to other people who think the same he is rude , miserable and not good for a face for Abduls .

Angie, 26 Feb 2021

  Reply : Thank you for being a loyal customer at Abduls, we appreciate your custom. The shift manager has worked for Abduls for many years and can seem rude at times, we apologise for his abrupt manner, we will give him some more training. We will review our policy of charging for separate sauces. Thank you for bringing these matters to our attention.

Last time order pizza which was burned from the bottom side and very hard to eat.

Raz, 23 Feb 2021

Hi I was really surprised today with my order it was very watery for a Karahi and bland. I have been coming to you for nearly 20years but this is the first time that all the curry’s especially the gohst tasted like they for an English person with no flavour or spice.

Sharon, 07 Feb 2021

  Reply : We apologise that your order was not to our usual standards. Your food would probably have been prepared by the assistant chef. We will ensure that future orders are prepared to our usual standards. Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention

I don't think they read the comment/ information you put in the comment box when you order the food. Must have problem reading English.

Nadeem, 31 Jan 2021

Good food

Carlos, 12 Jan 2021

Nice food good quality

Carlos, 12 Jan 2021

all the salad and sauces were missing. gutted

Nathan, 31 Dec 2020

  Reply : Salad and sauces are not sent separately unless asked and paid for

Great service

Keshia, 29 Dec 2020

Driver calls me to come outside. Stood in the cold for 8 minutes. This driver was weird. They normally never tell u to come out.

Shahid, 27 Dec 2020

Good response

Ganesh, 21 Dec 2020


Saima, 16 Dec 2020

Very nice pizza

Saima, 16 Dec 2020

Far too greasy, ruins the dish and overpowers any flavours present. I feel greasy and generally unpleaseant afterwards. The free chutneys were okay, mango chutney providing the most flavour out of anything in our order. The garlic naan was disappointing and feels only slightly superior to a supermarket bought version.

Josh, 06 Dec 2020

I've been eating Abduls for nearly thirty year. Many copy cats. No one as good.

Stuart, 05 Dec 2020

Food has arrived freezing cold can someone please call me on 07306155959

Suzy, 04 Dec 2020

Allways love the food from you guys but the order just delivered through just eat 1073278104 , the free bottle of pepsi that was with the meal was out of date from 2018

Keith, 21 Nov 2020

Every time i order extra separate mango chutney i NEVER EVER receive it yet i always get charged for it. Why is that?

Janet, 14 Nov 2020

Good food and quick service

Shella Taj, 30 Oct 2020

Ordered on line , they said 20 minutes, had to wait another 20 at the takeaway

Saleem, 04 Oct 2020