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Good food

Carlos, 12 Jan 2021

Nice food good quality

Carlos, 12 Jan 2021

all the salad and sauces were missing. gutted

Nathan, 31 Dec 2020

  Reply : Salad and sauces are not sent separately unless asked and paid for

Great service

Keshia, 29 Dec 2020

Driver calls me to come outside. Stood in the cold for 8 minutes. This driver was weird. They normally never tell u to come out.

Shahid, 27 Dec 2020

Good response

Ganesh, 21 Dec 2020

Just got Four mixed Doners Doesn’t taste fresh at all And the person is sooo Rude as well

Dr Saleem , 18 Dec 2020


Saima, 16 Dec 2020

Very nice pizza

Saima, 16 Dec 2020

Far too greasy, ruins the dish and overpowers any flavours present. I feel greasy and generally unpleaseant afterwards. The free chutneys were okay, mango chutney providing the most flavour out of anything in our order. The garlic naan was disappointing and feels only slightly superior to a supermarket bought version.

Josh, 06 Dec 2020

I've been eating Abduls for nearly thirty year. Many copy cats. No one as good.

Stuart, 05 Dec 2020

Food has arrived freezing cold can someone please call me on 07306155959

Suzy, 04 Dec 2020

Allways love the food from you guys but the order just delivered through just eat 1073278104 , the free bottle of pepsi that was with the meal was out of date from 2018

Keith, 21 Nov 2020

Every time i order extra separate mango chutney i NEVER EVER receive it yet i always get charged for it. Why is that?

Janet, 14 Nov 2020

Good food and quick service

Shella Taj, 30 Oct 2020

Ordered on line , they said 20 minutes, had to wait another 20 at the takeaway

Saleem, 04 Oct 2020

Ordered some food today from abduls in Fallowfield m/cr the gentleman on the phone called NAVEED who took my order was very polite and listened to my order very carefully. The food is always fresh and made to perfection. Would definitely order again. Thank you naveed bhai from abduls

Shamaila Ahmed , 04 Oct 2020


Jo, 21 Sep 2020

I brought 2 curries. One was lovely but the other (Lamb madras) was disgustingly salty to where eating it made me feel sick. I even tried it with rice and chips, still tasted salty. I then asked my daughter to try it to confirm it tasted as salty as I thought and she said it did. I then tried calling up and i had no answer for a good 45 minutes then when i got through i explained and the company asked for the curry back for a fresh, i said thats fine. My fresh curry came and it was exactly the same.

Tee, 08 Sep 2020

  Reply : I'm very sorry that your Lamb Madras curry was not to your satisfaction. We are willing to replace it with a different curry. Please phone the takeaway to arrange your replacement curry. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Epic kebab from Abdul's. I didn't know they did deliveries. No more average kebabs for me now

Andrew Clarke, 29 Aug 2020

There was no salad with the kebab. The menu says "All served with fresh salad and naan. ANY SEPARATE SAUCES OR SALAD MUST BE ORDERED." I didn't want separate salad so I didn't order it explicitly. Half an hour late. Whole order took 100 minutes.

Michael, 05 Aug 2020

  Reply : Apologies for the lateness of the oder, as the driver explained, we were unusually busy. When you order your Kebab sandwich you are given the options of what you would like with your Kebab. If you do not request any salad or sauces then non are added.

chips missing off order arrived 30 mins too late and medium curry was hot curry and couldn't be eaten

Neil, 01 Aug 2020

  Reply : Apologies for the late delivery. Our medium curries are 'Medium Hot' and not mild. If you require mild then we suggest you order a korma curry.


Louie, 14 Jul 2020

Always excellent food

Darene, 05 Jun 2020

The chicken tikka boti and the chops I ordered on 8th May were very dry and not spicy like they used to be before lock down.Not same standard

Mona, 09 May 2020

Love this place class restaurant

Shamima, 03 Mar 2020